Recruitment Trends 2019 - Pt. I

Over the next couple of days we want to look at recruitment trends for 2019.


We are not just living in a candidate driven market, Brexit hangs over Europe like a big fat grey cloud, economies are unstable and candidates get more and more demanding.


For Recruitment Companies it is vital to start marketing themselves more and shout into the market "We are here!". Today we want to look at Inbound Recruitment Marketing which takes Marketing a step further. It basically creates a remarkable candidate experience through fantastic brand content and marketing strategies.


Companies are able to connect with active and passive candidates and even candidates which are not looking yet but will start looking when seeing your awesome content.


So how do you do it? It's all about pro-activity. Engage with candidates and attract them, let them come to you. Be creative. 


You have to lead your candidates through 3 stages: Awareness, Consideration and Interest.


You can do this either through Content Marketing, Social Media Targetting and/or Personalization.


The MOST IMPORTANT thing for a recruitment company is though to start seeing marketing as an INVESTMENT, not as a cost factor. I repeat INVESTMENT, not a cost factor.


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