20 Tips for a successful Career Start
02. June 2023
The following 20 tips should help you to make your start in professional life as successful as possible. Good preparation and practical experience lay the foundation for your career. 1. Before you start your professional life, you should think carefully about your goals and wishes. Use today's wide range of media to inform yourself as well as possible in advance.
Strategies to reduce Expenses and save Money as a Small Business Owner - Guest Post by  Ivy Crawford
04. April 2023
Managing the finances of a small business can be a daunting task. It’s important to have a plan and to take advantage of the many tools available to help you manage your business’s finances. Here are some tips for small business owners who struggle with financial management.

Is It Time to Let Go of Your Employee? - Guest Post by  Ivy Crawford
12. January 2023
The right employees can help your business grow and thrive. But when one of them doesn't meet expectations, you might have second thoughts about keeping them.
Few Tips for Starting your own Business
01. September 2022
Starting your own business is an exciting venture, however, according to FundSquire, some 20% of UK start-ups dissolve within their first year of founding. Here are a few tips to help guide you...

New Month, new Talent?
01. September 2022
New month, new talent? 💪 We 've got great relationships with some awesome people, you never know one of them could be the fresh talent your business needs!
Effective hybrid Meetings require Training, Equity, best Practices
01. September 2022
Are you a business owner with a newly formed hybrid team?

Advantages of Email Marketing
01. September 2022
Email marketing has numerous advantages over other forms of promotion: according to OutboundEngine, 91% of adults in the US state that they like receiving promotional emails from their favourite brands!
More than 4.5 million Brits are considering working Overseas
01. September 2022
More than 4.5 million workers want to move overseas due to the cost of living crisis, looking for better work and living situations. This increases the stress on businesses that aren’t able to hire the number of candidates needed to fill increasingly rising vacancies!

AI as Time and Budget Saver
01. September 2022
AI is an amazing tool! It’s efficient, cost-effective and let’s be honest, letting technology take the reins gives you time to do more important things. It’s so good that “AI has shown enhanced sales productivity of 14.5% and reduced marketing expenses by 12.2%” according to Nucleus Research Report.
Talent Retention
01. September 2022
Employees are rapidly looking for new work as job satisfaction decreases due to factors like work-life balance and hybrid working becoming more appealing. Companies are now having to change how they structure their companies and what employee benefits they give - how can businesses navigate their employees wanting greener pastures?

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