18. February 2020
Elvis wrote a short Blueprint & Quick Start guide about Goal- Setting. If you are as interested in personal growth as us or just interested in it send us an email to hello@elvis-eckardt.com. Keep being awesome.
03. February 2020
Having the trust of your employees promotes confidence in your organizations future and is a strong indicator of your organizational performance. A high level of trust fosters a culture of innovation and boosts competitiveness. How can you measure the trust of your employees? Well you can start by understanding the behavior that underlies trust. There are a some key factors you should look at.
14. January 2020
We are delighted to announce the player sponsorship of Ben Hellewell for the upcoming Betfred Championship season. Ben is a Scotland international rugby league player which Leigh signed from London Broncos RL in the off-season. He has earned 9 caps for Scotland in the European competitions and the 2013 Rugby League World Cup. Welcome to our World Ben and Leigh Centurions (Sporting Club Leigh). #leythers #leighcenturions #rugbyleague #rugbyleaguefamily #betfredchampionship #sponsorship
09. January 2020
Imagine that you are finally able to shake off unpleasant habits without turning your life upside down overnight. The only thing you have to invest is 1 minute of your valuable time a day. Most of you will say that this is not possible. I will say it is and I will try to explain how you can do it.
06. January 2020
Being self-employed or running a small company is wonderful. In theory. You are free to schedule your own time and nobody tells you what to. And sure it is true, there is usually no better and quicker way (except you are an heir or your family is wealthy) to prosperity and independence. However there are always two sides to every coin. Especially at the beginning, the path to self-employment is associated with high risks, uncertainties and hard work.
17. December 2019
Living on this planet and stumbling through life most people don´t really know what makes them happy. Years ago when I first moved to Cyprus I went snorkeling every morning just after sunrise as the beach was empty and quiet. The feeling I had there was pure happiness.
10. December 2019
Having founded and bootstrapped my first company in 2019, I have learned a lot in the process. Most of all that in a super competitive and ever- changing market you can´t lose your head and need to stay focussed on the goals you have set. Starting up my business wasn't just starting up the physical company, it was also starting up the entrepreneurial code in my DNA I thought I don´t have (turns out I do have it).
13. November 2019
The Science of Happiness is booming. Your attitudes, behaviours and life choices relate directly to your level of happiness. According to researchers 40 % of our own happiness is actually in our control.
14. October 2019
How do you define a successful candidate experience for your company?
01. October 2019
Today we want to have a look at another Recruitment Trend which kicked in already a couple of years back but will make massive impacts this year. We want to go into the world of Data- Driven Recruitment but before we do that have a look at the journey towards it.

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