How to Avoid the Most Common Mistakes Made by Small Business Owners - Guest Post by Courtney Rosenfeld
22. July 2021
Starting your own business is an exciting step toward a more fulfilling professional life—one where you get to be the boss. However, it's important to plan this move carefully. According to FundSquire, some 20% of UK startups dissolve within their first year of founding. You don't want this to happen to you.
31. March 2021
This kiddo returns to school after kicking the sh** out of cancer. His class mates and teachers welcome him back in a heartwarming way. As a parent I feel so so sooooooo joyful for this kid and his family.

20. January 2021
"Remember that no matter how cool you think you may be, you’re not cool enough to look down on anyone…ever." -Paul Walker
20. January 2021
I love my mother to bits. She was my stronghold when I was young and still is to this day. What makes this so special is that she struggles with mental health issues for a very long time now.

06. January 2021
Since leaving the corporate life behind 2 years ago I have worked with and invested in several start-ups in the D-A-CH region. Some of them succeeded, some of them failed.
01. January 2021
I believe now more than ever that it is vitally important to decouple our wellbeing from wealth. In times of consumerism we work hard to earn money to buy stuff we don't really need.

22. December 2020
The nicest place on earth can be JUST ANOTHER HERE if you are not mindful and take the present moment in. If you jump on social platforms like Instagram or Facebook these days I feel the only thing you see is vanity.
17. December 2020
How many of the rags to riches stories have you read here on LinkedIn and other platforms. They all say that the individual came from nothing and is now on top of the highest mountain.

Never gets old
16. December 2020
Never gets old
01. December 2020
Let´s have a pragmatic look at what living in the moment actually means. Whatever you are doing right now, you´ve wound up doing.

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