19. March 2020
Anita Roddick, founder of the Body Shop said, “Being good is good for business". Kudos to her. She wasn't just a businesswoman who shaped ethical consumerism and showed the world that it is possible to operate a successful, profitable business while holding up these standards. No, she also was a human rights and environmental campaigner.
19. March 2020
Put your employees and team members into positions where they can fail. Hold them, support them, teach them and watch their back. If they fall pick them up and let them try again until they figure it out themselves. Empower them. Give them the confidence, they need to believe in their own ability.
19. March 2020
On a hot summer day, an ant was searching for some water. After walking around for some time, she came near the river. To drink the water, she climbed up on a small rock. While trying to drink water, she slipped and fell into the river.
18. March 2020
This morning one of my German end clients rung me up. When I saw the number I kind of already guessed what the call was about as I have read in the news that they went into turmoil and had to shut most of their shops due to the corona crisis. The client isn't small by any means, they turn over a billion Euro annually but their CEO and CTO felt that they have to speak to their preferred suppliers in person.
28. February 2020
Do you have long-term projects with short-term expectations? If you do, that is a sure path to frustration and failure. In today´ s world, there is E-mail, Whatsapp, Skype, Slack, etc. that have made a “waiting” period unacceptable and almost obsolete. Information in any form is available whenever you need it.
18. February 2020
Elvis wrote a short Blueprint & Quick Start guide about Goal- Setting. If you are as interested in personal growth as us or just interested in it send us an email to hello@elvis-eckardt.com. Keep being awesome.
03. February 2020
Having the trust of your employees promotes confidence in your organizations future and is a strong indicator of your organizational performance. A high level of trust fosters a culture of innovation and boosts competitiveness. How can you measure the trust of your employees? Well you can start by understanding the behavior that underlies trust. There are a some key factors you should look at.
14. January 2020
We are delighted to announce the player sponsorship of Ben Hellewell for the upcoming Betfred Championship season. Ben is a Scotland international rugby league player which Leigh signed from London Broncos RL in the off-season. He has earned 9 caps for Scotland in the European competitions and the 2013 Rugby League World Cup. Welcome to our World Ben and Leigh Centurions (Sporting Club Leigh). #leythers #leighcenturions #rugbyleague #rugbyleaguefamily #betfredchampionship #sponsorship
09. January 2020
Imagine that you are finally able to shake off unpleasant habits without turning your life upside down overnight. The only thing you have to invest is 1 minute of your valuable time a day. Most of you will say that this is not possible. I will say it is and I will try to explain how you can do it.
06. January 2020
Being self-employed or running a small company is wonderful. In theory. You are free to schedule your own time and nobody tells you what to. And sure it is true, there is usually no better and quicker way (except you are an heir or your family is wealthy) to prosperity and independence. However there are always two sides to every coin. Especially at the beginning, the path to self-employment is associated with high risks, uncertainties and hard work.

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