What's your competitive Edge?

Having founded and bootstrapped my first company in 2019, I have learned a lot in the process. Most of all that in a super competitive and ever- changing market you can't lose your head and need to stay focussed on the goals you have set.


Starting up my business wasn't just starting up the physical company, it was also starting up the entrepreneurial code in my DNA I thought I don´t have (turns out I do have it).


Before the age of digitization having success in a career seemed straight forward, show up every day for work, make your rounds in the hamster wheel and work your way up the corporate ladder. With globalization and technology kicking in markets are more diverse and competitive than ever (some might say more cut- throat than ever).


The entrepreneurial DNA I mentioned above is the key to survive in such a battlefield as entrepreneurs take intelligent risks, adapt and understand how important networking is.


Whatever you do in life, whatever you want in life there will always be someone who wants the same. These are your natural competitors. It doesn't matter if you apply for your dream job, stand in line for footballs season tickets of your favourite team or if you want to speak to the girl standing in the corner sipping the Gin & Tonic- life is a competition, get used to it.


You have to find your competitive edge which sets you apart from the ones who desire similar things than you. Your competitive edge is mixture of your unique skills, experiences, strengths, values and passion. With that mixture in place the only but very important thing you need to understand is the market your in (Supply and Demand).


My tip: Take life in your own hands, take smart risks, accelerate your career and network like a young god.


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