What the Heck is Happiness?

Living on this planet and stumbling through life most people don´t really know what makes them happy.


Years ago when I first moved to Cyprus I went snorkeling every morning just after sunrise as the beach was empty and quiet. The feeling I had there was pure happiness. 


But is happiness everywhere or was I just feeling it in my own state of mind? If everywhere what sense connected it to my brain to make me feel "happy" and if only in my state of mind what environment makes my brain to feel it?


Happiness was studied throughout the centuries by all kinds of clever people- Philosophers, Scientists, Psychologists. All of them tried to establish what it really is. 


The Philosophers worked out that happiness depends on 4 cardinal virtues (Prudence, Temperance, Fortitude and Judgement) which are guided by Wisdom.


The Scientists worked out that our brain chemistry is designed to support efforts by releasing chemicals into our brain and body that make us feel good (Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin, etc.).


The Psychologists believe that it is all about our brain behaviour and that all of our senses are strongly connected to it. Happiness builds up gradually throughout our life with the memories we make starting with birth. Memories are generally good if the action and the people surrounding it were good.


I generally believe the latter. Our memories are created by our actions and will define our satisfaction level. Above I mentioned that I went snorkeling every morning just after sunrise when I lived in Cyprus. The memory was a good one. Since then I love beaches and everything which has to do with it. My brain translates beach to happiness.


My tip: Make every action count on a positive note today as it will be your future memory.


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