Fundraiser to help the NHS

I have set up a fundraiser to help the NHS.


A Pound To Save Lifes.


In light of the global crisis around the Corona pandemic, I believe WE, the people, can make a difference.


Not all heroes wear capes.


Being based in the UK with my family and seeing how relentless the NHS staff works I would love to give something back to them to show them how much we appreciate their efforts in helping people and putting themselves in the front line of this widespread disease.


They are doing this country proud.


If everyone who sees this just donates 1 Pound, we can help make a difference.


Let´  s change somebody's life.


Stay safe and healthy.


P.S. Please feel free to share my campaign with your network. Let's make a difference.


You can find the link to the fundraiser HERE.


You can find the Original Post HERE.