Have a nice Day!

Have a nice day!


Have you ever noticed how disruptive people use or treat ordinary things in an outside-the-box way?


Apply a similar mindset to your business.


I challenge you to build a business environment that creates serendipity.


There are many people on LinkedIn who are able to provide value-added services to your business.


I bet there are also many people inside your already established business that will do the same but you don´  t challenge them enough.


With working from home you now have the chance to create a system of social collaboration which works for you.


Here is some actionable advice: Set up a Whatsapp or Slack group with your employees and an inner circle of trusted advisors (maybe LinkedIn contacts, maybe friends, maybe even competitors [how crazy would that be]?!).


Run ideas by them to disrupt your business and be open to letting ideas run by you.


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