Our Emotions are like a Roller Coaster

Have you ever felt that your emotions get the better of you when something unaccountable happens?


Our emotions are like a roller coaster or even the weather in the UK.


If someone tells you how awesome you are, you feel super proud and self-important.


Half an hour later you have another conversation and someone criticizes you for something you´  ve done.


How do you feel now? Most likely offended and infuriated, right?!


Striking a balance is hard but can open a whole new world of possibilities.


Emotions are muddy waters. Sometimes it is better to not get caught in it.


If you get into an emotional conversation try and take a step back. I am not saying avoid it, but be self-aware.


Negative or positive emotions are not a fixed reality, things can change, you can change, the person you are speaking to can change, the situation can change.


Be open-minded and observe rather than getting annoyed.


We, humans, tend to turn trivial things into major sources of stress.


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