Some Things I learned along my Journey

It has been over 10 years since I joined the workforce.


Just writing this down is so unreal as it feels like it was only a heartbeat.


When I first started working I was unprepared and did not know what to expect.


Here are some things I learned along my journey:


1. Learn something new every day.

2. Never judge someone without knowing the whole story.

3. Play the infinite game (Thanks to Simon Sinek).

4. Celebrate the small wins.

5. Take action every day.

6. Take risks.

7. Say thank you and be grateful.

8. Family and friends are for life. Everyone else is only a visitor.

9. Struggle forms a character.

10. Find your niche.

11. Focus on value, not money.

12. Listen actively.

13. Communicate openly and clearly.

14. Take time to rest.

15. Be mindful, everyone has luggage to carry.

16. Give for the joy of giving.

17. Have fun.

18. Don´  t play the blame game.

19. Your mind can´  t hold 2 thoughts at once.

20.  Don´  t look back in anger (Thanks Oasis).


The beauty of it is that this is an ever-growing list and shows that we can evolve, learn and grow every day.


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