Emotions are muddy Waters

"Emotions are muddy waters. Sometimes it is better to not get caught in them.


Striking a balance is hard but can open a whole new world of possibilities."


That was an answer I gave to a candidate when asked how to deal with stressful situations during an interview.


Line Managers will challenge you during an interview to see how you cope under pressure.


If you feel that the interviewer is trying to find flaws in your CV take a step back, breath deep into your lungs and be grateful for the chance to sit in that seat and be able to speak to that person.


A lot of candidates already have been rejected and you are worth sitting there.


They don´  t treat you that way because they don´  t  like you, they treat you that way to find out if you are the right person for this job.


You see, a slight change of perspective can make a big difference.


Let me know if that works for you next time you are interviewed.


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