Thinking outside the Box

2 years ago I felt stuck in life, working a job I wasn't 100% happy with, counting down the days to the weekends and to the next holiday.


Little to no quality time during the week.


I then made a commitment to myself and my family to think outside the box and try something totally new and outside my comfort zone.


Beginning of 2019 I incorporated my first company. A Recruitment & HR company which serves now major clients all over Europe and the US.


Back then I suffered hard from the Imposter Syndrome and had lots of self-doubts but in the end, I trusted my gut instinct, jumped outside the box and into a very happy and fulfilling life.


I took a risk and it paid off.


We are all creatures of habit and that´  s where part of the problems lies. We learn in school to think logical but not critical or laterally.


If you run a business the ability to think laterally and use your imagination to look at a problem in a fresh way and come up with a new solution is critical and vital, that´  s where innovation and creation lies.


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