Golden Rule

When I had my coffee this morning I sat thinking how deeply sad it actually is that we get used to something as incredible as living?!


I seriously have no clue why a thought like this entered my brain, but it got me thinking.


We humans take the fact that we live for granted and stop thinking about how incredible it actually is to exist on this wonderful planet up until we are about to leave this world behind again.


In terms of probability the existence of our world, our life form is near to impossible, yet we pop about.


Long story short: Maybe we should start seeing our time here on Earth and everything surrounding it more like the miracle it actually is and take the golden rule more serious.


Let's treat everyone the way we want to be treated but also take it to the next level by applying it to the next generations across time.


We can start now by looking after and teaching our children the way they should treat their children.


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