Want People to look up to you?

You want people to look up to you?


Here are some ground rules:


1. Love yourself - If you don´  t love yourself, how can others?! Accept the things you can´  t change about yourself and focus on the things you can change.


2. Listen actively - Listening active to people and asking relevant questions about the things that person has just spoken about will make them feel special.


3. Enjoy the ride - People generally like being around other persons who have an aura of happiness and gratitude about them.


4. Be direct- Be bold and walk the talk. A "No" is better than a hesitant "Yes".


5. Admit your mistakes - Don´t deflect blame. If you did something wrong take it on the chin and swallow your pride.


6. Be humble - Revealing insecurities doesn´  t make you weak, it makes you human. Sharing uncomfortable truths about yourself will make people feel more comfortable around you and they will reciprocate.


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