I had a very interesting conversation last week with a 26-year-old graduate from the New York Academy of Art.


He told me that even though he graduated with honours he still has no idea what he is supposed to be or do.


He receives a lot of job offers that actually have nothing to do with what he studied.


The thought of paying back his student loan makes him super miserable and depressed.

Quite a bit of his old friends married recently or had offspring.


You could feel that he really struggles to enter the "adult" world and act responsibly.


Before graduating he had never to worry about bills because his parents took care of that.


I told him that I really feel for him and that these are understandingly stressful and hard times for him and to always allow himself to be open to new ideas and new directions.


Being locked into a mindset while dependable only makes the road that much harder to deal with.


Don't allow mistakes to get you down we all make them. It's just part of life. Failure has a tendency to make us stronger for future endeavour.


Life is going to happen whether you want it to or not, all you can do is handle it the best you can, don't overthink.


To all graduates out there: YOU GOT THIS!


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