Are you performing Actions in a deliberate Manner?

Are you performing actions in a deliberate manner?


Not a task your boss asked you to complete, not a chore someone expects from you, but something that you want to do.


That something means doing whatever you’re passionate about.


It includes making plans to travel to a place you’ve always wanted to visit, practicing your hobby, or working on a personal project.


It doesn’t include browsing the web, watching videos on Youtube, or simply reading about someone else’s experiences on a blog.


At the end of the day, you’ll look back on the things you wanted to do, not what someone else expected of you.


If something is truly important to you, you need to make time for it. It is as simple as that.


It might mean waking up earlier before work, setting aside time when you get home, or carving out a section of your weekend.


Being intentional in your actions means making purpose-based decisions.


If you don’t make decisions for yourself, someone else will make them for you and the outcome of that most of the time isn´t what you expect it to be.


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