Focus on the Process, not the Outcome

When I first started my company I focussed on the outcome rather than the process.


What a fool I was.


After a couple of months into my venture, I turned it around and started focussing on the process rather than the outcome and it took so much pressure of the uncertainty of success or failure as I was able to focus more intensely on what really mattered.


I understood that I will succeed no matter what as long as I do whatever I can. If you try your best you already succeed.


I felt at peace with myself.


Even with an undesirable outcome, I knew I already succeeded because I gave it my best shot.


It was only a small mindset shift but it turned my whole world around.


I use this concept/mindset for all things in life, such as my health, my career and my relationships.


Always remember success is not defined by the outcome, it's defined by the process.


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