Special Talk Motivation Episode with Danny Bader

The 6th and a very special episode of #TalkMotivation just went online.


You can find the Spotify and YouTube link in the comments.


In my latest episode, I interview Danny Bader.


Danny is a bestselling Author, Life Coach, motivational speaker and fellow Podcast Host and he also has a remarkable life story.


A cataclysmic event turned his life inside out on July 28, 1992, when he was working on a roofing job with two friends.


Somehow a ladder made contact with live power lines, shooting more than 10,000 volts of electricity through the bodies of Danny and a friend. Another friend performed CPR on Danny but to no avail and then called 911.


Danny´s friend, Bruce, a father of three who had been holding the ladder, died from the blast, and Bader wound up in a trauma centre for 10 days.


We spoke about life and all sorts of things but resilience and the 5 principles of how to move through difficult times (The inspirational principles of JCKRBBT) is the main topic of our chat.


Give it a listen, Danny is remarkable.


Please find below the episode on YouTube and the Link to the original post HERE.



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