The single best Piece of Advice

What is the single best piece of advice anybody has ever given to you in your life?


Could be a phrase, simple words or just a learning moment you keep coming back to really.


Mine was only couple of years back. My grandmother was a religious person but never forced her faith upon anybody.


When I was standing with my mom and some other family members on her deathbed she told all of us to judge others favourably. You never know what battle they are fighting.


I had a 4-hour drive back home to Munich and deeply thought about her words.


They were truly transformational for me and most importantly for how I wanted to live my life.


It gave me the humility to try to stand in another person's shoes and taught me that living a life with empathy makes my life much better, me more compassionate and my relationships with others more chilled out.


In general negative judgments and assumptions about others prevent us from growth and development.


Judgments shut down the conversation, stopping the flow of information, and leaving us with the same limited knowledge and experience that we entered a relationship with.


I chose the path of growth, standing still is not an option.


Let's hear your advice and grow together.


Much love.


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