Align your Purpose with your Values

Over the last couple of years I have learned that (for me) purpose and motivation come from fulfilling needs and feeling good about myself.


I generally like to help others, be useful to this world and learn and grow.


Like many others of you I have been in positions in life where I was thoroughly de-motivated.


Having said that this has usually come about when I was off track or misaligned with my purpose and values.


I learned that if you can't align your purpose with your values, it’s difficult to get yourself motivated and stay motivated for the long run.


Overcoming misalignments like that I found that one strategy worked wonders for me and that was goal setting.


In the past I have sometimes set goals and other times not really bothered.


It was only when I better understood goal setting that it made things clearer for me as to my purpose and values.


My tip is to line up your purpose with your values, and you will find that you can make better progress in all areas of your life.


Some of the perks are that you become happier, more productive and earn more money (if you need to).

This makes you more attractive to others and so the spiral continues.


If you’re lost in life you lose motivation for everything.


It’s like an opposite downward spiral.


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