Cause and Effect

If we look back in history we will find that it can get quite uncomfortable, painful and worrying.


Our human history is filled with anger, hate, de-idealizing disagreements, broken hearts, ethical dilemmas and so much more.


I am German, trust me I know what I am talking about.


It is safe to say that history is composed of right and wrong actions.


Do you know what´  s beautiful about history? History stands for change! A lot of it!


Over time empires have come and gone. Languages were created, turned into new languages and have been forgotten. Ideas turned into inventions, products and services. Humanity went from living in caves to exploring space.


Historical change happens constantly, every passing second.


We have learned over the last millennia that lasting change has never come easily.


Cause and effect.


Make no mistake, what you are witnessing here and now is history.


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