"Chameleon Effect"

Oftentimes the things we hate most in others are the things that we hate in ourselves.


When we feel this hate or resentment towards another person we tend to think about it a lot and are unable to let go of it, up to a point that we start acting like this person.


In simple terms, we become what we think most about.


In psychology, this effect is called the "chameleon effect".


People aren’t often critical and full of judgement when they are living a happy and fulfilled life.


It’s when we have the worst days, are in the worst moods, and have the lowest self-esteem that we begin slamming and targeting others because, like mirrors, they are reflecting back to us what we hate in ourselves.


Don´  t let the person you don´  t want to be become a tenant of your heart.


Evict him and give him a notice of forgiveness.


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