Let Positivity be the Winner

We went yesterday to New Brighton Beach on the Wirral to spend some family time and enjoy the beach.


The sun was shining and the air was 24 degrees. Absolutely glorious.


Before heading to the beach we thought we grab a bite to eat.


So we walk into this lovely set out tiny little Café just off the promenade and there she was.


A mood hoover par excellence.


Her emotions were contagious and sucked the energy and positivity out of the place.


She owned the Café.


The nice people we are we asked her how she was and if she didn't think that it was a lovely day.


She went into a rant about the too hot weather, being too busy the day before and that she had it with this covid 19 malarky.


We felt a bit overwhelmed with information to say at least.


I've put myself in her shoes so thought I don't feed the beast and instead responded by telling her how lovely her Café was and that she should be happy and proud that it was booming.


Make today a positive day and let positivity be the winner in your mood, let this shine out onto the people around you creating a positive contagious response.


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