Mindfulness´ New Age Friend

Do you know who Mindfulness´  new age friend is?


He, she, it is called Gratitude!


They are as thick as thieves to a point that they are inseparable.


They both understand that it is more important to be thankful for the things they have in their lives than dwelling on the things they don´t have.


Last week they played a game where each of them wrote down 10 things that they really appreciate but take for granted.


The first 5 things were really easy but after that, they had to start thinking a bit.


When they were finished they decided to blue tag it to their fridge.


Every morning when they take the milk out of the fridge now they are reminded that they are luckier than they ever imagined.


Gratitude makes them notice their many blessings and distracts them from the misfortunes while Mindfulness helps them to react to their misfortunes with grace, acceptance and meditation.


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