Talk Motivation Episode 7

Babies smile a lot.


Beauty queens smile on cue.


Winners smile – well most of the time - in between all that jumping and high-fiving.


Smiles are our way of expressing our happiness, our joy and our gratitude.


Smiles are generally a way of connecting and saying (without words) - I'm with you on this, I acknowledge you as a fellow human, a wonderful animal or a gorgeous flower, someone/something I'm in sync with.

You probably already knew all of this, but did you know that smiles are actually really good for your health and well-being?


I just recorded an episode for my podcast Talk Motivation about the power of smiling, including the 10 superpowers of smiling and a description of a conscious act of exploring the many opportunities we have daily to smile, but we let go unnoticed, which I like to refer to as "Smiling-Mindfulness"


Feel free to have a listen.


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