Unlearning is the new Learning

Unlearning is the new learning.


Stay with me on this.


I am not saying that learning something new is wrong, it´  s actually the opposite. I live with a growth mindset so learning new things and growing is part of me.


What I am trying to say is that we have a lot of answers to a lot of questions already inside us, we just need to tap into this knowledge.


We have learned over the course of our lives many things and translated this knowledge into our daily habits.


Most of us operate on paradigms/habits we´  ve established years ago. Safe to say some of them are ineffective, outdated and most could use some innovation.


You won’t realise that just from reading a textbook or a blog article. You won’t hear it from your manager who’s made his money by playing it safe and holding onto the "good old ways".


We have to question why such paradigms exist, and whether there’s room for improvement, only then we are ready for true change.


It is time to redefine the way we learn, take a step back, and give ourselves some room to grow.


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