Use your Willpower more wisely

People who show resilience over and over again don't have superhuman willpower but they have learnt over the course of their life how to use that willpower wisely.


Humans have a finite amount of willpower in a day and it fades the longer the day drags on.


Each decision you take during a day drains that inner willpower reservoir.


If you are busy on your toes all day juggling one stressful task after another and you suppress that inner voice to shout at your colleague for making a mistake, you'll probably find yourself at night giving into that craving after a couple of glasses of wine and that bar of chocolate.


If you want to maximize that willpower of yours start by looking after yourself.


Exercise regularly.


Eat healthy.


Get a good night's sleep.


All of the above help you to top up your energy levels.


Being hungry and tired will only help you to throw your self-discipline out of the window.


If you have demanding tasks where you have to deliver on, spread them over several days or mix them up with less demanding ones.


If you start using your willpower more wisely you'll soon see that your inner strength will recharge quicker.


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