2020 - The Shitshow

Perhaps the greatest thing about optimism is that it has the ability to kick in when life throws its worst at us.


2020 has been (and still is) a shitshow.


The obsessive competitive corporate business world which housed vicious office politics, long working hours and bullying seemed to start getting it right by letting their employees work from home more and actually started to embrace change.


That's a silver lining right there.


Thoughtfulness and many random acts of kindness seemed to have tipped the balance from competition back towards cooperation.


Here are a couple of tools to keep you going:


- Try to think positive but realistic. Optimists are not always optimistic. Have a deep-seated conviction that you can cope.

- Take positive action like exercising, sleep hygiene, eating healthy and prioritising good (read the Good News Network, no watching BBC or ITV News).

- Be persistent and tenacious. Keep going. Sort your wardrobe out Maria Kondo style or sort through the paperwork which you haven't touched since last year because you can't be bothered.


If you use these 3 tools you'll take control back of your life.


You are basically empowering yourself.


It feels great.


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