Learn to Forgive

Pure strength is if you can forgive a person who isn't even sorry.


Always remember that forgiveness is for yourself alone.


Don't harbour unresolved anger, hostility, bitterness, resentment, jealousy, envy and negative energy towards a person that doesn't care about you, it only translates into havoc and pain, sometimes physical but most definitely emotional.


I learned to forgive by practising a daily 6 phase meditation but there are many other ways to release anger and pain.


Fact is that on our human experience we are met with adversity.


But in adversity lies the opportunity for growth.


We grow from what we learn and most importantly what we do with what we learn, which can become part of our self-mastery goals.


In order to overcome the hurt and pain, besides forgiveness, we must also learn to release.


Most of the time our pain is directly related to our disappointment in others for not meeting our expectations in returning what we think we are owed.


But again that's our expectations.


Put yourself into the other person's shoes and think which expectation this person had in you.


Our human growth experience moves us along our spiritual path until we are free from certain burdens.


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