Life has been crazy

Life has been crazy lately for many of us.


The one thing I can always count on is my family to be there when I get home after work.

For my daughter Francesca to run up to me with a smile on her face ready for a big hug and shouting "Daddy is home".


I am not trying to motivate you here with one of them when life gives you lemons quotes but with the bond, we build within our family. I use this bond as a source of continued strength and happiness.


The best things we have in life are sometimes closer than we think and require a constant effort.


Every day is a new chance to renew the connection we have with our close ones.


No matter where life takes me tomorrow I know I can count on them to be there.


My 2 cents are that whatever moves and inspires you or gives you strength, hold onto it with both hands.


Cherish and appreciate it.


Trust me, life is easier when are together.


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