Mood Hacks

Here are some hacks and habits I incorporated in my day to elevate my mood:


1. Don't have the same dull routine every day. Mix it up and do something enjoyable every day.


Try and make a list of things you like doing, schedule time to do these things regularly and take action by implementing it in your weekly/monthly routine.


2. Don't find excuses to smile and laugh.


I was sitting today at the beachfront watching my daughter play with some other kids and they absolutely cracked me up. 2-year-olds come out with all sorts of stuff (if you choose to listen actively).


3. Get up and visualize having an amazing day filled with great things.


Visualize also how you tick everything off your to-do list and make time to spend some time with your loved ones a bit earlier because you hit all your deadlines.


Don't awfulize your day and think of everything that could go wrong. I think I just made that word up but it fits, so I keep it.


4. Be kind to yourself and don't blame yourself for past failures and mistakes.


Yesterday was yesterday. Today is today. It's a blank page, make use of it.


5. Think about all the things you have in your life and say thank your for it.


We tend to think about the things we don't have which is breeding ground for pessimism and depression.


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