Pick your Tribe wisely

Let the difficulties in your life make you better, not bitter.


Unwanted detours, curveballs, closed doors, unfortunate circumstances - sound familiar?


Let's face it, life is not about avoiding or denying misfortune.


Over the course of our lifetime tragedy is pre-programmed.


The best we can do is get a little prepared for it and be intentional about where our heart rests.


Choose joy. When you feel good you do good.


Pick your tribe wisely.


Allow yourself to grief if needed but pick yourself up afterwards.


Allow hope to be your anchor.


Be intentional and purposeful in your actions.


Be grateful for what you have and count your blessings daily.


Extend your hand and help others.


Treat your body kindly.


Allow faith in, whatever set of beliefs you have.


You got this 😘


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