Some Thoughts in the Recruitment Sector

Due to the global job situation, I would like to give some thoughts I gathered over the past years working in the recruitment sector.


I hope it'll help, even if it's just one person.


Mistakenly a lot of people think it's easy to get a job after getting their degree. It's a misconception.


Jobs will not be handed to you on a golden platter.


You may think you’ve had your butt kicked enough by now with all the applications you've sent out and the rejections you received.


Just wait till you enter the job market.


You will learn soon that 90% of the things that you learnt in your degree you will most likely never use again.


Unless you are a coder and you get a job in software engineering or you are a telecom engineer and you get a job in the Telco sector.


Try to list all your projects in your resume, if you don't have any add the ones you've done through your studies. Unfortunately, hiring managers don't care how many books you've read by now.


Putting your skills into practice is what they are looking for.


Also list achievements in your resume. Show them how you solved issues providing out of the box solutions.


Add your extracurricular activities - recruiters want to see that you are a well-rounded person with an edge to it.


More thoughts in the comments.


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