The Day and Age of Commotionism

We live in the day and age of commotionism.


You go into a meeting room and 5 smartphones greet you at the get-go on the table.


Everyone is on the edge and keeps looking at their dog and bones.


What is basically said without words is "Elvis thanks for coming in and joining us for this meeting but I'll leave my phone right here and if it rings or buzzes I have to answer it because it's more important than you coming in here taking your time to see us".


Constant stimuli and background noise from your phone will create a Zombieland in your back garden.


Inner-happiness becomes inner-emptiness.


Trust me, been there done that.


Sure this notification will keep you occupied but the nutritional value is 0, a bit like your Orange Mocha Frapucchino you drink every day.


Disconnect from your phone and connect with yourself.


Choosing busyness because of emptiness and lack of focus is never a good idea.


Someone might even call irritable bastard syndrome.


Don't be that guy.


Much love 😘.


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