Tips to conquer Perfection

Here are some tips to conquer perfection:


1. Be ready to banish perfectionism from your life.


2. Admit that you are powerless over perfection, unlike the 2020 Champions League campaign of FC Bayern München.


3. Create a list of the people you meithered over the years with your perfectionist tendencies and say sorry.


4. Start a checklist and make a note everytime the world did not end because you failed to be perfect.


5. Have a safe person you can go to to restore your sanity after your 112th attempt to be perfect.


6. Let people tell you that you are ridiculous when you get into perfectionism mode.


7. Don't be a perfectionist with a procrastinator complex and think that you'll be awesome someday in the near future.


8. Don't set absolute ideas. Remember there isn't just black and white, grey exists too.


9. Don't be defensive against criticism and have fear of failure because it makes you imperfect.


10. Don't be that person who is only flexible when everything goes exactly the way you want it.


Look I get it, you put time and energy in everything you do, and that's amazing don't get me wrong, just make sure you get your sh** together or your whole day will go to sh**.


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