We got Choices

When Marcus Aurelius said "The best revenge is not to be like your enemy." he was onto something.


Generally speaking, if you repeat an injustice for another injustice you go down the rabbit hole of self-centeredness.


Take kiddos for example. Have you seen them go back and forth doing something meaner every time to each other? It's not a pretty sight at best of times.


When adults do it, it becomes even uglier.


Remember a time in the past where you might have done injustice to someone.


It could be an insignificant event like a white lie, being dishonest or using strong language towards someone.


Now, remember the setup. Have you been an idiot or has that person angered you in some way?

What was your reaction? How did that make you feel?


I would expect you to feel strong feelings right now.


But you see, that's what revenge is all about. You were made to feel bad, so you tried to hurt that person back who wronged you.


Injustice is around us every day. We can be participants, the root cause or the person who escalates it.


Happily, we got a choice.


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