"You do not leave Footprints sitting on your Bum."

When I was little my mom kept saying "You don´  t leave footprints sitting on your bum."


Back then I wasn´  t sure what she meant.


Today being (just a little bit) older I understand that we can serve the world by blossoming into our best and brightest self.


It would be selfish of us to the world to not use our unique passions, gifts, desires, talents, quirks and magic.


Each one of us is like this beautiful once-in-a-humankind blend of coffee which had perfect growing conditions with just the right amount of water, sun, temperature and tropical climate to grow.


It might take some time to get the right aroma but once fully grown and harvested it becomes this multi-sensory product we all love so much.


We don´  t always get everything right the first time but we should definitely be courageous and follow our dreams.


After all, we only have this one ride.


Claim your creator´  s power today.


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