Play big, Dream bigger

Let´´  s have a look at the difference between instinct and intuition.


An instinct is generally an automatic response related to survival that goes back to the hunter-gatherer times whereas intuition is more evolved and focussed on our authentic self.


Have you ever gone through a decision-making process where everything seemed perfect? The numbers matched up to your expectation, the paperwork was OK too but something seemed off?


Your instinct said YES but your intuition, your gut feeling said NO.


Here´  s an example:


You are working in a job you really like but decided to apply to a couple of other roles to see if the grass can be greener on the other side.


After the interviews, you receive an offer from one of the companies.


Your instinct probably says "Stay put, your current job is safe, secure and everyone is nice at work.".


Your intuition, on the other hand, may say "You´  d be stupid to let this offer go, it´  s the right path for you.".


Instinct is rational, it´  s your ego and it will try to protect you from whatever comes at you. Instinct hates failure.


If you listen to your intuition you'll be guided further than just survival.


Intuition is the daring big brother or sister. It will help you fight against your fear of failure.


Play big, dream bigger.


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