Decoupling our Wellbeing from Wealth

I believe now more than ever that it is vitally important to decouple our wellbeing from wealth.


In times of consumerism we work hard to earn money to buy stuff we don't really need.


The advertisements of big brands are sexy and they are luring us in to spend our money to "buy happiness".


Let's hold that thought for a moment and let it sink in.


Let's not say yes to the things we use 5 times, put them in a corner and sell them 3 years from now on Facebook Marketplace.


Let's say yes to the things which help us grow as a person and help us push our limits.


Let's follow Epicletus' advice who said that wealth consists not in having material possessions but in having few wants.


Write down your wants and make them happen.


My want is to link the things I want with experiences rather than shiny objects.


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