Fasten the top Button of your Business

Since leaving the corporate life behind 2 years ago I have worked with and invested in several start-ups in the D-A-CH region.


Some of them succeeded, some of them failed.


The ones that failed have done exactly the opposite of what I suggested to do.


They went to market with a half-cocked product with the mindset "I'll do it that way for now and fix it later.".


It does not happen and if it does happen you are one of the lucky ones who got away with it!


Once your product or service is live people tend to sit back for a while to observe and get used to it and not have the motivation to fix it down the line.


Especially in start-ups where you have to turn every penny around this is not a feasible approach.


Long story short: Fasten the top button of your business from day 1.


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