Fundamentals for a smooth Career Relocation - Guest Post by Sharon Wagner

Congratulations — you’ve accepted a job offer that pays more and allows you to move to a different city! This is an exciting time for you and your family, and you should celebrate. But you should also start thinking of how you can prepare for a smooth transition to your new job and life. From researching your new city to networking with future coworkers to upgrading your home, check out these career relocation tips from Elvis Eckardt!


Prepare the Way


Your first step in preparing for your relocation is to research the cost of living in your new area and ensure that your upgraded salary provides fair compensation. You will also want to research various neighbourhoods and homes that you can rent or buy. It’s essential that your new home is within reasonable proximity to your office, your children’s schools, and any other establishments your family will frequent.


Some professionals choose to rent in the early stages of relocation until they get their bearings and are ready to purchase a home. But if you hope to buy a home right off the bat, you can keep costs down by going with an “as-is” property.


Many as-is homes come at an extraordinarily low purchase price, but you must be prepared to put any time, energy, and money necessary into making the appropriate improvements. If you go this route, bring out a property inspector and consult an attorney before moving forward.


Another responsibility to handle before you relocate is to evaluate your finances to figure out if and how to improve your financial standing. Get a bird’s-eye view that includes your new salary and expenses so that you can adjust your budget accordingly for a thriving life in this next chapter.


Work While You Transition


There are plenty of things you will need to take care of as you make the transition to your new city. For example, be sure to forward all of your mail to your new address and notify your banks and subscription companies of your address change. If there are any subscriptions you will not use after the move, take this opportunity to cancel them and save money.


Also, now could be the perfect time to declutter your home and life. If there are any meaningless items (e.g., furniture, electronic equipment, clothes, etc.) that you will not be using, sort them into “donate,” “sell,” and “discard” piles. You can make some extra cash by listing your items on various online marketplaces or help out community members by donating to local charities.


Furthermore, start packing as early as possible. Pack one room at a time and put a clear label on each box to tell you and/or the movers precisely where it goes in the new home. The more efficiently you pack your belongings, the faster and smoother your unpacking experience will be. And don’t forget any tasks at hand related to your career.


If possible, you will want to leave your old job on good terms, meaning you need to prioritize tying up any loose ends and finishing any outstanding projects on time. Also, start learning any necessary skills for your new position and connect with your new coworkers to start building relationships. If you are moving long-distance, use social networking sites and video chat apps to reach out to your future team members.


Settle In Like a Boss


After arriving in your new city, start exploring the area as soon as possible. Ask your coworkers and any other locals you’ve met about the area's best coffee shops, restaurants, and fitness centres. Make a list of local businesses that sound interesting, and try out a couple each weekend with your family. And, of course, if you have not registered your kids in their new schools or found a family doctor, do it soon.


Embrace this exhilarating new chapter in your career and life, but make sure you prepare at the same time. Implement the tips above to position yourself for a smooth career relocation, and keep looking for other ways to make your new city feel like home. Finally, remember any job-related tasks at hand so that you can exceed expectations from the beginning.


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About the Author:


Sharon Wagner, a former bank manager, now spends her time helping seniors reach health and well-being goals. When she’s not helping others, Sharon spends time travelling with her husband, Dean.





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