‘Greening’ Your Business for Sustainable Success - Guest Post by Mark Harris

It's vital to ensure we leave our world viable for future generations. Studies show that many customers prefer to obtain goods and services from businesses that prioritize eco-friendly products and practices. Here we take a look at how to incorporate an environmentally responsible approach into every aspect of your business's strategic direction and operation. Transform your business plan and commit to sustainable success by "greening" your business with these ecopreneurship tips and tricks.  


Create a Green Business Plan


A sustainable business plan considers resources, processes, and outcomes from a perspective of environmental responsibility. Some of the hallmarks of a green business plan may include:


  • Sustainable inputs. Some sustainable sources include primarily solar power and only using timber sourced by green companies.
  • Green processes. Sustainable processes reduce energy consumption, incorporate waste-saving practices, and recycle or upcycle as part of the production process.
  • Clean consumer products and safe byproduct disposal. Products are designed to be recycled or upcycled. Harmful byproducts (if any) are disposed of responsibly.
  • Recycled packaging. Packaging is recyclable or plastic-free.
  • Efficient logistics. The business follows efficient distribution processes, and materials are sourced locally when possible.
  • Green financing. Consider using ethical lenders that generate their profits in an environmentally responsible manner if you plan to apply for a business loan to kick-start your ecopreneurship. 

Embed Environmental Priorities into Your Organization's Culture


Building a green culture in the workplace is an important part of being a sustainable, environmentally responsible business. Practices such as promoting working from home or using freelancers with a sustainable ethic can help you create a high-grade workforce that's committed to the planet and your green business goals.

The right job board can make it easy to find competent, enthusiastic candidates that add value to your green enterprise. Virtual receptionist agencies, web designers, and marketing experts can be easily recruited online. A good job board will also help you vet potential candidates by giving you details of the freelancers' experience, salary expectations, and reviews from previous colleagues and clients to give you a good idea of what to expect.


Green Business Marketing


Well-known green businesses such as Patagonia and Pela don't just produce green products in a sustainable manner — they also make sure their audience is well aware of their environmentally friendly way of working. To ensure you benefit from the green choices you make, which can increase your reach, build awareness, and aid engagement, it's important to market your green credentials as a fundamental part of how you operate.


Are There Any Downsides to Eco-Entrepreneurship?


For most green businesses, the risks are very similar to those that face any new business — challenges such as poor sales, production hiccups, or difficulty with sourcing can beset any operation. Though green businesses may face higher production costs due to their commitment to going green, customers are prepared to pay a premium for a green product that could easily offset these higher production costs.


Sustainability Is the Way of the Future


If you want your enterprise to be going strong in five or ten years, embracing an environmentally responsible way of working is vital. To find high-grade freelancers in the Lancashire, United Kingdom, area who have a passion for the planet and prioritize a green corporate agenda, get in touch with the team at Elvis Eckardt.


About the Author:


Mark Harris, the author of this guest post, wants to inspire entrepreneurs to consider building out a "green" business and marketing plan. In other words, this article will put a "greenprint" into your hands and will show you all the major steps you will need to take in order to start a sustainable business.


Mark is one of five “explorers” at Awareness Toolkits, who dig deep to find info for the creation of toolkits (articles, resource links, tips, guides, etc.) for those looking to spread awareness about specific subjects.


Contact: markh@awarenesstoolkits.com



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