Identity Theft

I received an email saying, "Congratulations, your identity has been successfully stolen!"


I was puzzled and thought, "Well, that's a bit polite for a cybercrime, isn't it?"


Turns out, it was just a marketing email from a company selling identity theft protection. They sure got my attention, but maybe a little too effectively!


This got me thinking about how in the digital age, even our identities are subject to 'terms and conditions' - and let's be honest, who really reads those?


Imagine if someone actually managed to steal my identity. They'd be in for a surprise when they see my Netflix history filled with cheesy rom-coms and sports documentaries.


And let's not even get started on my online shopping habits. Good luck to anyone trying to explain to their bank why they suddenly bought 12 pairs of identical socks and a life-sized cardboard cutout of a guinea pig.


Moral of the story: Keep your identity safe, but don't lose your sense of humour along the way.

And to the would-be identity thieves out there, trust me, you might want to choose a more exciting target. Unless, of course, you share my passion for sports documentaries! 🐌


Stay safe and identity theft free ✌️



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