Why Video Applications are Becoming the New Standard

Video applications are emerging as a popular method for job seekers to showcase their skills and personalities. This trend is transforming the recruitment landscape, providing a dynamic alternative to traditional resumes. This article examines why video applications are becoming the new standard in recruitment and how they benefit both employers and candidates.


Enhanced Candidate Assessment

Video applications allow candidates to present themselves more holistically. Recruiters can assess not only the content of their answers but also their communication skills, enthusiasm, and cultural fit. This multi-dimensional view helps in making more informed hiring decisions.


Time Efficiency

For recruiters, video applications can save significant time. Instead of conducting initial phone screenings, recruiters can review video submissions at their convenience. This efficiency helps in quickly identifying top candidates for further interviews.


Personalization and Creativity

Video applications give candidates the opportunity to personalize their applications and showcase their creativity. This is particularly beneficial for roles that require strong presentation skills or creative thinking. Candidates can use this format to stand out from the crowd.



With advancements in technology, creating and submitting video applications has become easier. Candidates can record videos using smartphones or laptops and upload them directly to the application portal. This accessibility makes video applications a viable option for a wide range of candidates.


Reducing Bias

Video applications can also help reduce bias in the recruitment process. By focusing on candidates’ responses and presentation, rather than solely on written resumes, recruiters can make more objective assessments. However, it's important to remain vigilant about potential biases related to appearance or presentation style.




Video applications are revolutionizing the recruitment process by providing a richer, more dynamic way to evaluate candidates. They offer numerous benefits, including enhanced candidate assessment, time efficiency, and personalization. As technology continues to evolve, video applications are likely to become an integral part of the recruitment landscape.



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