How to handle Rejection

When someone tells you "No" or rejects you don´  t react emotionally and/or lose control.


The "No" or rejection could open up a surprising whole new world to you.


It may lead you unexpectedly to good people.


If you begin to push back against the unchangeable "No" or rejection you most likely will suffer in the process and miss other opportunities which are right in front of your nose.


Rejection hurts and you are generally allowed to feel upset and it is an unfortunate but necessary part of our human experience.


Here are some benefits of rejection:


- It motivates you to do better

- It reminds you that you are human

- It is an opportunity for you to grow

- It only makes you stronger

- It gives you a new perspective of looking at things

- It teaches you patience

- It causes you to explore new paths

- It forces you to reevaluate yourself

- It forces you to reconsider your goals

- It creates endless opportunities for change


You see not so bad after all, right?


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